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Mission Statement

The foundation and mission of the proposed Mind Your Books Charter School is to improve the academic achievement of at-risk students, encourage the use of effective and innovative methods of teaching, and provide an accurate measurement of educational achievement. We pioneer a wrap-around model of high-quality educational best practices, and the development of social-emotional wellness strategies in a holistic and therapeutic approach

Vision Statement

Mind Your Books Charter School will provide families with a public school option yielding private school results through holistic therapeutic services that support social-emotional competence. Through Psychotherapeutic Board approved best practices, students will develop strategies through therapy sessions.  They will develop emotional resources so when faced with adversity and strong emotion they have the power to rewrite the moment. Students will balance emotional wellness with a sound academic foundation received at The Mind Your Books Charter School. Balancing the left and right brain; logic and emotion, thereby creating a stabilizing life-force for the student; which levels the playing field in any arena. Our students will be able to lead future endeavors, gain and create access to possibilities and opportunities for life-long achievement in high school, college, and life in general 

Statement on Diversity, Equity, 



It is our fundamental duty to serve a diverse body of students of all races and genders, and to create a least restrictive environment for teaching and learning to occur while rooted in decency, humanity, acceptance and inclusion of learners of every ability and academic level. We strive to self-empower those who have been disenfranchised through a strengthened academic baseline guided by emotional wellness and regulation, and by designing a personalized education pathway for individual learners

We Level the Playing Field for all Whom we Serve

Please support the children by making a donation of any amount to this Non-Profit to help us with resources to supplement educational programs that help close learning gaps in a child's education. It will help to change the life of a child that has been under-served! 

Thank you for doing your part!

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